"Fashion's fade, only style remains the same." Coco Chanel

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whether to spend or save.

$149.95, General Pants

$1,195, Bess

I love these leather biker jackets that are in fashion at the moment. The big question is, how much should i spend on such a trend based piece? Personally i think that it is better to buy a cheaper version, that still looks expensive. Unless leather and studs are always apart of your personal style every season. It is tricky because it's a piece that may not necessarily still be in next year. Plain leather jackets are another story though. It is safe to spend more on a simple cut leather jacket in either black or tan. It is a seasonal piece that you will always be able to work in with your everyday personal style. So... it is safe to say that you should save your money and splurge on a classic piece that will last you for many years. Personally, i like the cheaper one from General Pants, rather than the more expensive Bess version. The one from General Pants looks more feminine.

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