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Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrity colour analysis.

I thought it would be interesting to perform a colour analysis on someone famous, so i chose Jessica Szohr. She is most know for playing Vanessa on Gossip Girl. I think that she is gorgeous! She has an exotic look with olive skin, dark hair (with a red hint to it in the sun) and bright blue/green eyes. Szohr fall's into the Winter Homebase category. Winter's are lucky because they are the only ones that have jet black and pure white in there colour palette. Intense & high contrast colours such as blood red, jewel tones and many shades of purple and green work best. Yellow based colours should be avoided.

These two pictures are perfect examples of what work's best...

Green jewel tones work so well on Jessica Szohr. They look perfect against her dark complexion and make her bright blue/green eyes stand out.

Not many people can get away with wearing bright red. Jessica has the perfect skin tone for it though. It's really flattering.

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