"Fashion's fade, only style remains the same." Coco Chanel

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hi everyone,

Let me introducing myself...
My name is Carissa and i am a stylist from Melbourne.

If you have ever wondered what clothes you should be wearing for your body shape, what colour's suit you best or just simply how to put outfits together you could more than likely benefit from a stylist. Everyone has the potential to develop a great personal style, although it comes easier to some than to others. I think the problem with alot of women these days is getting lost in trends. There are so many different looks out there and at times fashion may become somewhat hard to follow and keep track of. There is no use wearing a certain trend if it doesn't feel right.

On a typical morning i get dressed and change into something else approximately three times. I think the worst thing is leaving the house and wishing that you had chosen a different outfit to wear.

I'm one that dresses for my mood...

One day i might feel like wearing pretty florals, the next day i will work parisian chic, i may also feel like embodying neautical or simply just monochrome.

The key is determining what works best for you and then working from there.

I believe that everyone can look good no matter what there size or budget is.

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