"Fashion's fade, only style remains the same." Coco Chanel

Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's amazing what you can find!

On the weekend i went op shopping and i am so excited about what i found... for $26!!! I thought it was pretty amazing. It is almost as if these items were waiting for me to come and buy them. I have been trying to find a bag like that for ages & it is in perfect condition. The shoes are a perfect fit. The scarf is amazing and is my favourite colour (blue). The cardigan is 91% wool and i have always wanted a chunky cardigan with toggle buttons and large pockets. The denim jacket is vintage Sportsgirl & for a photoshoot, i am sure it'll come in handy again. I can't wait for the cooler months to arrive. I am having visions of how perfect those shoes would look with black tights and a little dress. The scarf will brighten up any outfit and the cardigan can be thrown on top of almost anything. The bag is perfect for everyday, it has so many compartments in it and everyone needs a denim jacket in their closet!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Getting into character.

I've made a moodboard on 'Sandy' from 'Grease'. It's based on how i think she would be if she was reinvented and Grease was filmed again in the year 2010.

It's interesting how a character that was in a film many years ago can still easily be placed into today's society. I've included the reinvented 'bad girl' Sandy from the end of the movie, on the left hand side of the board... minus the leather. What do you think of my recreated Sandy?

Images from my moodboard were found through google image search and vogue.com.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Celebrity colour analysis.

I thought it would be interesting to perform a colour analysis on someone famous, so i chose Jessica Szohr. She is most know for playing Vanessa on Gossip Girl. I think that she is gorgeous! She has an exotic look with olive skin, dark hair (with a red hint to it in the sun) and bright blue/green eyes. Szohr fall's into the Winter Homebase category. Winter's are lucky because they are the only ones that have jet black and pure white in there colour palette. Intense & high contrast colours such as blood red, jewel tones and many shades of purple and green work best. Yellow based colours should be avoided.

These two pictures are perfect examples of what work's best...

Green jewel tones work so well on Jessica Szohr. They look perfect against her dark complexion and make her bright blue/green eyes stand out.

Not many people can get away with wearing bright red. Jessica has the perfect skin tone for it though. It's really flattering.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Whether to spend or save.

$149.95, General Pants

$1,195, Bess

I love these leather biker jackets that are in fashion at the moment. The big question is, how much should i spend on such a trend based piece? Personally i think that it is better to buy a cheaper version, that still looks expensive. Unless leather and studs are always apart of your personal style every season. It is tricky because it's a piece that may not necessarily still be in next year. Plain leather jackets are another story though. It is safe to spend more on a simple cut leather jacket in either black or tan. It is a seasonal piece that you will always be able to work in with your everyday personal style. So... it is safe to say that you should save your money and splurge on a classic piece that will last you for many years. Personally, i like the cheaper one from General Pants, rather than the more expensive Bess version. The one from General Pants looks more feminine.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great styling!

Zoe Saldana's outfit is a great example of perfect styling. I believe in the rule of only showing your bust or legs, never both. This outfit show's that you can still look sexy without showing too much skin. I think its the accessories that have made this outfit. They create a sense of continuity within the whole outfit.

I love this outfit that Leighton Meester is wearing. It's a young & fresh take on sophistication. What she is wearing creates a really nice silhouette and it is great for her body shape. The chunky heel's toughen up and complete this otherwise girly look.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Statement Necklace's.

At the moment i am going crazy over statement necklace's. They're perfect in so many ways. If you are wearing a simple outfit, add a statement necklace and your outfit will instantly look dressier. It's a great way to take the same outfit from day to night. They are especially good for pear shapes (like myself). They draw attention to the top half of the body, taking the attention away from the bottom half of the body, which makes it appear smaller.
My statement necklace's...

Sportsgirl, General pants & co, Rubi shoes.
All 100% wallet friendly!

My Picks...

Splurge. Mimco $449
Save. Diva $19.95

Both images from

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Hi everyone,

Let me introducing myself...
My name is Carissa and i am a stylist from Melbourne.

If you have ever wondered what clothes you should be wearing for your body shape, what colour's suit you best or just simply how to put outfits together you could more than likely benefit from a stylist. Everyone has the potential to develop a great personal style, although it comes easier to some than to others. I think the problem with alot of women these days is getting lost in trends. There are so many different looks out there and at times fashion may become somewhat hard to follow and keep track of. There is no use wearing a certain trend if it doesn't feel right.

On a typical morning i get dressed and change into something else approximately three times. I think the worst thing is leaving the house and wishing that you had chosen a different outfit to wear.

I'm one that dresses for my mood...

One day i might feel like wearing pretty florals, the next day i will work parisian chic, i may also feel like embodying neautical or simply just monochrome.

The key is determining what works best for you and then working from there.

I believe that everyone can look good no matter what there size or budget is.